The Lipatov Group

Properties of MXenes

MXenes, or two-dimensional transition metal carbides and nitrides, represent a new generation of materials for energy storage, composites, photocatalysis, and water purification technologies. Despite significant achievements and further promises, there is a lack of understanding of the intrinsic properties of MXenes. By studying individual flakes, we are trying to explain and further improve the remarkable properties of these materials.

Quasi-1D TiS3

A compound called titanium trisulfide could surge toward the fore of two-dimensional materials that are gaining popularity among designers of microelectronics.

Ferroelectric Memories

The improvements in random access memory that have driven many advances of the digital age owe much to the innovative application of physics and chemistry at the atomic scale.

We are working on the chemical design of novel functional materials for applications in electronics, photonics, sensors, and energy storage. Such materials include graphene, carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanowires, colloidal particles, macroporous oxides, and some others. Our strategy is to control the structure and composition of these materials at the nanoscale to define their properties.

A graduate or postdoctoral student in my group can expect to receive training in inorganic chemistry and materials science with significant exposure to one or more of the following specialties: low-dimensional nanomaterialscarbon nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes and graphene)self-assembly techniqueschemical vapor deposition, and materials characterization techniques, such as electron microscopy, atomic force microscopynanoscale device fabrication, and electrical measurements.

Graduate students: Prospective graduate students are welcome to e-mail Prof. Lipatov for more information about ongoing research projects or apply to the Chemical and Biological Engineering Graduate Program.
Undergraduates: Interested sophomores or juniors are welcome to visit our lab and learn more about our research.
Postdoctoral Associates: Information will be posted when fund for a position is available. Visiting fellows with support from other funding sources are always welcome.